Polaroid journal part 2

2018 05 15 17 57 002018 05 15 17 57 25

Here are a couple of pictures from the SX-70 that I salvaged from my parents’ house in north Texas. I’d almost forgotten how much I I love Polaroid pictures.

Color memory is a tricky thing. But my impression is that this “new” Polaroid film is a bit more saturated than the vintage stuff of my childhood, but not garish. The black-and-white version looks pretty darn good also. These scans won’t do the images justice; they were made on a Fujitsu ScanSnap ix500. It’s great for rapidly scanning reams of paper sheets, but less suited to scanning thick photographs. If I can get my Imacon up and running it will do a much better job.

Only downside? Cost. About $2.40 a picture. Analog photography is not for the faint-of-wallet. I’ve seen cost comparisons run between digital and analog photography, looking at everything, including equipment depreciation, time cost, etc. Not convinced by them of anything, except that the marginal cost of a digital image is damn near zero, which is a far sight less than $2.40. Nonetheless, I persevere.

Michael Sebastian @mikeseb