Did a short local hike with my son yesterday, at William F. Hayden Green Mountain Park, in nearby Lakewood, Colorado. 25 minutes from the house, with panoramic views of Denver to the east, and the foothills to the west. I’m guessing we had around an 800-foot vertical climb, and maybe a 3 mile hike, so not very challenging. Lots of mountain bikers standing in the pedals going uphill, and streaking downhill like kamikazes.

Yesterday was so clear we could plainly see, on the far eastern horizon, the white-peaked roof of Denver International Airport, 37 driving miles away. I’d guess it’s more like 30 as-the-crow-flies miles. Amazing. It was in the mid-80’s, but quite pleasant without humidity. That might be my most-favorite thing about Denver, after a lifetime spent in the sultry southeast, mid-Atlantic, and Midwest.

Naturally, photographs were taken, at this very minute being processed at Mike’s Camera. Stay tuned for those.

Michael Sebastian @mikeseb