Photos from Hayden Park

Here’s a handful of photos from our hike at Hayden Park on Wednesday.

2018011 12

2018011 05

2018011 04

Shot with the Hasselblad Superwide. I suppose with this camera everyone has to get beyond the very-wide-angle clichéd shot. With a lens this wide, I need to be closer to the subject. I think yesterday’s images from Great Sand Dunes NP work better overall, but I like this one:

2018011 11

These photographs were taken on Cinestill 50D. Cinestill’s films are re-purposed Kodak motion-picture stock with the remjet anti-halation backing removed. They are very fine grained and have exceptional exposure latitude, but they are generally less saturated than, say, the Kodak Ektar 100 that is my standard film for non-portraiture photography. I haven’t shot much with these films, but I have a supply on hand and I’m trying to figure out where they might fit in my film lineup.

When Kodak reorganized after its bankruptcy, film production was spun off to a separate entity, Kodak Alaris, owned by the pension fund of Kodak’s UK employees. (Yeah, complicated.) Kodak’s film-production capacity is now much more streamlined and right-sized for a world that demands only a fraction of the film that Kodak was capable of producing during its heyday. And there’s considerable technology crossover between its motion-picture and still-film lines; movie film had been keeping Kodak afloat for some time before it went under. This infusion of movie-film technology has made Kodak’s color still films much better — and I hope it means that the business can remain viable for the rest of my time making pictures.

Michael Sebastian @mikeseb