Road Trip

Our group schedules vacation time in the fall for the following year. I had grabbed this week, with no firm intention of how to use it. My wife is tied down at work with her usual month-end madness; thus I found myself at loose ends.

Road trip! I have been feeling restless and antsy, wanting to get out and make some pictures. So I pointed the car west on I 70, destination Grand Junction, CO. Beyond that, I’m not sure.

Stopped for lunch at Idaho Springs, and saw the sign for this barbecue place. Sliced-brisket sandwich, with spicy coleslaw and mac & cheese sides. Shiner Bock on draft to go along with it. If you ever find yourself in a Idaho Springs, give Smokin’ Yards barbecue a shot.

I’m going mostly analog on this trip, so pictures will have to wait until I get back and get them processed and scanned. But I will be posting a few digital shots along the way. Hopefully I can find something worthwhile to photograph.

Michael Sebastian @mikeseb